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Another method we have done before is to get the nut back over the stub axle
by filing and hitting, and using
The batteries joined up in series with jumper leads, welded the nut in place
on the stub so we could grind it
Off later to effect a proper repair with new parts.
We have also welded axles back this way, when the rear axle studs have
sheared off [from over tightening, normally]
And Julian mentioned seeing the star washer locators failing, never use one
twice, always fit new ones.
Darren McRae
Drysdale, Victoria, Australia.
95 FZJ-80 supercharged on 37"s SLEE front and rear bar/carrier
2wd/4wd conversion auto mods 25% reduction low range gears
Slinky Long Travel Suspension set up, 3" lift, 12" stroke shocks,
270lt fuel, snorkel, 4.56 diff gears, HID lights, 60lt Engel, winch,
Set up for touring the remote areas of our wide brown land.
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