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[SPAM][BL] [SPAM][BL] heavy duty coils



I completely forgot about Julian...
Thanks for this!
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Julian at overland cruisers might be able to help you sort that one ?
I know what he is using is very good quality. ;-)
Some better designs, and better materials, than some of the 25 yr old OME
designs that were designed by the same person as the manufacturer Julian
uses now, 25 years smarter.
I cant say no affiliation though, because we have been using the same gear
here for Cruisers, and others, for 5 years, and we replace more OME, than
anything else, with our products.
Suspension should be a value for money, not an up front cost, purchase.
Darren McRae
Drysdale, Victoria, Australia.
95 FZJ-80 supercharged on 37"s SLEE front and rear bar/carrier 2wd/4wd
conversion auto mods 25% reduction low range gears Slinky Long Travel
Suspension set up, 3" lift, 12" stroke shocks, 270lt fuel, snorkel, 4.56
diff gears, HID lights, 60lt Engel, winch, Set up for touring the remote
areas of our wide brown land.
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