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[SPAM][BL] [SPAM][BL] A 100 Prado ?



It might not be showing in the digest as the email is posted in html ?
But I also have seen prado 70/90 and believe 100 series....
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Subject: [SPAM][BL] RE: [ELCO] A 100 Prado ?
Clive wrote.....
My wife has a 70 that has Prado written on the back. Just for the record.
Clive you have made my day ! I had been told that they are out there but
not seen one myself. Again it proves that the TLC should only be referred to
by its series number.
(pleased that my posting finally came-up, but its still not in my digest).
All we need now is a 100 owner to come forward and tell us he owns a Prado
model like the one I saw in Famagusta.
Linslade Beds, Iskele Cyprus
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