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Hi Roman,
I saw that but this is in my opinion something you can control - right.
Have you done the adjustment on your lc80 ?
The engine is a system and sometimes when you modify something on one
end it can result in problems on the other end when you wouldn't expect
it - at least until you dig into the manuals if you are not really an
expert. Therefore I would like to know what are the experiences of the
people who did the modification and of course opinion of people who
abandoned this idea.
I tried the HDJ80 last week of the guy who did that adjustment and
acceleration was really better then on mine - so it is a temptation -
but my experience with engine modifications is that there is no "free
lunch" and I want to stay on the safe side after all.
1996 HDJ80 (1HD-FT 24V, manual gearbox), OME Lift (6 cm), Safari
snorkel, Front runner long ranger tank (170L)