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***SPAM*** Spare Front Hub?



Hi Ray,
The bearing was certainly not over tightened. I have done dozens of these using a modified version of the procedure in the workshop manual.
The only time I have come across a problem was with one 80 where the wheel bearings kept on coming over loose. It was re-adjusted a couple of times a month after the rebuild on a trip down and around Tunisia. 12months after the rebuild the bearings were excessively loose and the customer was complaning of problems with the brakes. I stripped and repacked the bearings and noticed that the tab on the inside of the star washer was completely worn away.
The missing tab on the star washer is either the cause or a symtom of the problem.
The bottom line is that you need to keep an eye on your wheel bearings and if you notice problems with steering, braking etc, stop and check the bearings.
With regards the quality of the Milner star washers compared to factory ones, the Milner ones are poorer quality (as are their hub nuts) and I won't be fitting them again. I'm not saying panic if you have them fitted, just that for a couple of quid more I would prefer my customers to have better quality items.
Julian Voelcker
07971 540362
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Would that be the left wheel that fell off?
Can't remember this problem on any of the 80's used by the UN in the
middle east during my years there.
But, I did notice on my 100 (although not the same hub) that the inside
tab on that keyed washer that you bend over the nuts was worn on one of
the wheels. The tab was nearly gone, and the new ones (from toyota) looks
like the tab ought to be a bit bigger; go a bit deeper into the groove.
Still, there was never a problem with this hub, no abnormal wear or play.
Ugo Hu, Oslo, Norway
HDJ100, Auto, AHC, 2001; ex HZJ80
On Thu, 20 Mar 2008 21:45:25 +0100, Julian A.R. Voelcker
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