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Sparkrite alarms etc



Thanks for your responses, sorry for the delay in mine but you will have
read my point about it somewhere above.
Christopher - interesting that the Toy alarm is using the same gubbins as
the Sparkrite, I am sure they are all made in a backstreet in Shanghai
anyway. Only trouble is that to cut costs the Sparkrite connections are
straight onto the PC board, they don't use a separate marine quality
waterproof fitting. But that's not my problem, I did my own sealing job on
it. The circuit is also integral in the alarm horn, so there is no
separate horn to ingest water, if it did then the whole lot would have
shorted. Anyway, I fitted it all myself and put it on top of the inner wing
by the air cleaner (remember its LHD). So its well out of the way for even
the water we have to ford occasionally.
I thought it was showing the same symptoms as before when the relay failed
and I since put a replacement unit in. But since I posted this, I had a
second thought, as this time the failure was not a regular occurrence as it
was the first time. So I thought it best to first install the new starter
contacts my Pa brought out here at xmas. (You might remember my starter
traumas of last November). My previous lash-up of the burnt starter
contacts had been left alone as it has kept going for over 7 months. I
replaced them and it seems I might have accused the Sparkrite unnecessarily
- sorry !
By the way, if any of you buy new contacts for the starter, be warned that
when I got mine - and they were the right ones - Toy have changed the
moulding of the isolator that backs the vertical side of the contact. I
didn't like it as it deleted the protection/insulation around the edge of
the contact, so I put the old ones back in.
Roman - interesting about Cobra alarms. I looked at one out here to fit
myself but they were reluctant to sell me one as they wanted the fitting
job too. I then found out that there are (were) two cobra brands with one
being made in Oz. I have since been told that the Oz one is the best, and
to leave the Italian alone. So Halfords/Sparkrite gained !!
Not sure about hidden switches though. The immobiliser is just a part of
the package, I don't think I need it. And you will remember that I had my
80 trashed just over a year ago. I have the clamshell type steering lock
that completely covers my steering wheel, and that appears enough of a
deterrent. We use mostly the mul-T-lock here, as on my 4Runner, but when I
got the 80 I could not get the mul-T-lock quickly enough before driving
back to UK. So Halfords won again, and the steering lock appears to deter.
When the car was trashed, they didn't even try to get it off. They just
stole everything inside ! But thankfully I now have a proper house with
integral garage and remote operated door - wow.
I feel more secure - on behalf of my 80.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia


My (top end) alarm circuity is built into the horn unit, and it is fitted next to the windscreen motor on my RHD model - more or less where your brake booster must be. But it still got water in it - presumeably from puddle splashes. I confess to making the most of the deep puddles on our roads in winter.
I've only once ever done any fording - by mistake - when I was driving at night and what I thought was another puddle was in fact the River Exe flooding the road: the bow-wave came over the bonnet for a second or two. I think I wuz lucky not to flood the air intake!
Anyway, glad you're OK. And thanks for the thoughts on veggi diesel, they confirmed my gut instincts.
Christopher Bell