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Starter removal



Hi John
Disconnect the Bats and then loosen and then remove the top nut that is
visible just underneath some wiring on top of the starter. There will be a
nut,lock washer and a wiring loom bracket that holds a bunch of wires in
place. Also while you at it there is a small black connector that attaches
to a fixing on the starter this needs to be disconnected and just pulls
apart once you have pressed the tab at the rear of the fitting.
Jack up car and remove passenger front wheel, and turn steering wheel hard
right to move the passenger side front wheel away from the area you will be
working in. Remove the wheel well rubber splash guard that protects the
starter I just pried the fixers off with a pair of pliers. Pop off the
plastic cap on the housing for the thick lower wire and then undo the nut.
Loosen and remove the lower bolt on starter (I found this easiest reaching
up from underneath with a long extension bar). You will find it to be a
bolt and lock washer nothing more. Now I have heard that you should be able
to drop it through the bottom but I could not do this and had to pull it
thru from the top. Takes a bit of twisting and pulling, its quite a tight
fit and is heavy and in my case coated in gunk so slippery too.
Then installing the new one is the same process in reverse but I started
from the top nut and then did the lower one. I coated all fittings with
battery grease stuff and while the wheel was off tried to clean the diff
breather but it is so gross that I will pull it off and extend it higher up
the next opportunity I get.
It is very straightforward job doing the starter and I am no mechanic. I
have not tried to dismantle the starter as I am returning it to Milners and
I assume they want it intact? Anyway car started and thats all I really
care about!
On to the next challenge!!!!!!
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