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Steering or Suspension or ?

Paul McCurdy

New Member
Apr 30, 2016
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I've been having ongoing issues with the steering that no one here (in Honduras) has yet been able to completely solve. Here's a summary of what's been happening:

1. It started with the power steering pump, which started to go, making steering difficult. I had it replaced with an Aisin part and all seemed good.
2. A few months later, while on a long trip, the steering wheel started to shudder, then the vehicle kept pulling to the left. At our next stop a mechanic fixed it (I never understood enough of his Spanish to find out what) and all seemed good.
3. On another highway trip, it started to do the same thing. The mechanic I saw when I arrived in my destination said the rack & pinion was at fault, so he replaced it - not a new Toyota part, but a rebuilt.
4. All seemed good now on the highway trip back home. But after travelling at about 200km at speeds of 90 kmh+ it started to experience same symptoms but a lot milder.
5. I did some more research and it seemed from the symptoms it was a problem with a ball joint, so I had all 4 replaced. (1 of them did have noticeable wear on bushing)
6. Again all seemed good, but while reversing and making a sharp turn, there was a bang in what seemed like the rear passenger side. It happened once again when making a sharp right. A bit later while on a longer trip the steering got stiff again, although not as bad as initially.
7. Taking it to another mechanic they checked everything out under the vehicle, said they hadn't noticed any leaks and that everything seemed tight - all linkages, wheels, etc. They did say that (something?) could be adjusted with the rack & pinion next time I was there. And I have noticed a small fluid leak under the vehicle on the carport floor. Power steering tank is still full though.

So I'm at a loss what could be the problem. I'll have the rack & pinon adjusted as suggested, replace the power steering fluid (not sure if they actually used ATF) and have them once again check closely for any small leaks. Has anyone had similar problems, or can suggest some things specifically to check?


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Dec 23, 2016
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There are much more knowledgeable members than me who can give you more information and diagnosis this is what I would check wheel balancing and pressure condition of the tyres even wear no chunks missing wheel bearings adjusted and greased up conditions of the brake discs check for wear in the drive uj joints and prop shafts check for excessive movement in the front diff are the upper and lower control arms and bushings in good condition also do you have a front diff locker has it been used recently and not released same as the rear and centre locks have you or another driver hit a curb or a rock with the front wheels has the steering column been checked as there is a rubber type Bush in the assembly how much free play is there in the actual steering wheel system including the steering box has your truck been lifted with new springs and shocks and forgot to readjust camber and castor angles or are you on the original Toyota suspension system sorry but that is it from me more than likely missed the most important part but you have somewhere to start let us know the outcome of your problem and fix


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Jul 7, 2021
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I'm having the same problem at the moment. it wanders from side to side at 100 ks.change bushes wheel alignment. Still same problem. If i don't find it soon i'll have a new undercarriage