still more noises



Hi Guys
Had my cruiser tested today NCT and it failed because of the handbrake only
10% of what it should be.
It did not fail because of the various weird sounds so I suspect they are
not important to safety.
What sound do wheel bearings make if they are not bedded in properly.
They test the handbrake with a thing called a tripymeter (i think its
called), anyway
last year I had new shoes put on and since than I have a sound when I start
to pull off like a screetch from the rear hub, then its gone and replaced by
another screecthy sound which stays.
I thought the handbrake was too tight and that was the sound but it would
seem not according to the test.
I also have a really weird sound coming from the front hub like metal
scraping of metal but only when the cruiser is reversing "any ideas".
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT



RE: What sound do wheel bearings make if they are not bedded in properly.

Best way to check for WB issues is jack her up and check if there is play on the hub. BUt it wouldn't have passed the NCT if you had loose WB's.....


96 Mitsubushi Pajero - LC still on stands......
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