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Stock 80 bumpers



Hi Reno
Thanks for the good intentions regaring the bumper. I was only asking the weight because me being me i am curious about such things. I am trying to get one made from a local guy but this remains to be seen as he has not given me a cost yet. But just would like to know the weight so I can compare this one with the new steel one.
I totally agree that the stock bumpers are not that strong as mine proves but I also know that our reg plates are crap aswell. I bent mine at Salibury enough to render it usless and needing replacing.
I had previously lost two front ones while off roading and then decided to bolt the new one on with steel bolts not those plastic ones.
Well the bolts held but the next weekest point the reg plate crumplied.
So steel bumper seems the way to go but cant justify an ARB or JML new anyway for it.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
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Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 10:06 AM
Subject: [ELCO] Stock 80 bumpers
If I had one, I'd give it away to help you out. But frankly they are so flimsy and easily tweaked offroad that I wouldn't recommend you take it even for free.
My previous owner (PO) had already replaced both bumpers with fabbed 4mm steel bumpers. Yes, they rust and I have to touch up the paint every year or so, but they have already paid for themselves in avoided fender (wing) damages.
Welding up a sheet steel bumper isn't too hard if you have a wirefed MIG, a decent garage, a fire extinguisher (yes!), some adjustable workstands to act as jigs while you weld, and an eye for precision. It's really just a matter of measuring and cutting well, welding the pieces together, then painting it.
If welding up sheet steel is outside of your comfort zone, consider fabbing a bumper from steel tubing. You don't have to bend it in a huge expensive tube bender. You can cut out slim notches with a cutting wheel, bend the notch closed by muscle, then weld it up with a stick welder and grind off the boogers. Depending on how big a notch you cut, presto, you have a gentle corner of however many degrees radius you want.

Ceferino "Reno" Lamb
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