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stripped barring bolts

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New Member
Oct 22, 2014
Im in the middle of a diff swap and upon taking the wheel barrings out the dual flat nuts and the locking plate, the nuts seem to of stripped whilst undoing them. And now obviously cant put them back on... is this a common thing and are they easy things to get a hold of?
They are easy to get hold of. Stripping them isn't common though and as they hold your hub onto the stub axle I'd be concerned. Milner sell perfectly good 54mm nuts and locking tab washers. But be warned, they are stamped out and the edges of the nuts are slightly rounded in profile. They will fit a 54m box spanner perfectly but if you have a proper 54mm socket, they won't. I have used dozens of these and they are fine as long as you have a box spanner. I do have genuine Toyota ones on my 80s not because of any quality issues but simply because I can use the torque wrench with the correct socket a little easier.

Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to tell us a bit about yourself and your 80.

BTW if we find you tightening up those nuts with a chisel we will visit you in the night and issue corrective treatment!