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Sub fuel tank level sensor

Paul McCurdy

New Member
Apr 30, 2016
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I have a 2001 LC - 100 series turbo diesel. I thought the Sub tank was empty and haven't used it for the year I've been driving it here in Honduras, in fear that it would contaminate the fuel line.
But I went to fill it today and it seems it's been full all this time. I added some additive to it before I went to fill it, in order to help with any fuel issues, and then put in no more than a couple of liters of diesel before it splashed up to the neck where the two tanks meet.
Switching to SUB, the amber sub light comes on, but the needle drops to empty, hence what I thought was an empty sub tank.
So I'm thinking it must just be something with the fuel level sensor. Is it easy to replace?
I'm not much of a mechanic but am willing to give it a shot f it's not too difficult.

BTW, I'm running solely on sub right now to see how far it gets me before I need to switch over to the main tank. Although from some other posts I've seen about auto transfer from main tank, maybe that will never happen :)