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Sunday - Exhausts.



Good morning all.
I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday especially putting more names to faces.
Being a passenger has its ups and downs (literally). On the one hand you have to trust your driver, Mr Byrne did not let me down in this respect. I actually enjoyed being driven around. Another good thing was that it was he and his son, Scott and not me who had to spend nearly 2 hours pressure washing his cruiser off on the end of my drive. If you have not done your vehicle yet - don't delay.That Salisbury mud certainly sticks on.
Exhausts - A few people queried me about the 3 inch stainless steel exhuast I have on my 24 valve - 1-HDFT Manual gearbox - 80 series, so here goes - apologies for it being detailed - but it is what you wanted !!!
The supplier was Longlife Exhausts. See -
They have outlets around the UK. I dealt with the HQ, located between Bristol and Gloucester. Mine was the first 80 series they have done. Fit and qualty are excellent - it has been on for 10 months.
It is 3 inch (75mm) internal diameter right through even over the axle. All bends are mandrel formed so there is no collapsing of the side wall when the pipe is curved. I chose to have only a single silencer. This is of the absorbtion ( non - baffled ) type and is also in 3 inch. Naturally it is a bit noisier than std. I do not find it intrusive, it has not attracted the attention of the police and my MOT man said what well made system it was, as opposed to - by God this is noisy - fail MOT. Naturally if you want more silencing you can specify it.
I think that the HDT - 12 valve engine could probably get away with a 2.5 inch (62 mm) system.
Performance - well the turbo certainly spools up faster than the O/E system due to the greatly reduced back pressure. I can hold a higher gear on various steep hills around here with the 3 inch system. The notorious 1800 - 2000 rpm dead spot effect is lessened - but I had also done the 80 scools injection pump mods prior to getting the exhaust fitted - worth doing in itself, if you are brave !!!
Fuel economy - no idea if beneficial - unlikely to be detrimental.
Cost - well as mine was the first they had a bit of a learning curve and it took longer than anticipated. They honoured the quote of =A3500 but I gather that any future systems will be more expensive. In that price is a courtesy car so you are not off the road for a day. Other depots may charge less, the HQ will not.
Was it worth it ? / Value for money. This depends on the state of your exhaust - does it need changing ? -Mine did.
Checkout the cost of an O/E sysytem or for that matter one from Milner. By the time you have added new mounting rubbers / gaskets / olives / postage and VAT it is amazing how much it all adds up - plus you then have to fit it all yourself - or pay some one to do it for you. With mine the price included new mounts and fitment.
If there is nothing wrong with your exhaust, then it is a bit more difficult to justify, but it is your money.
Hope this helps.
Regards, Gareth Jones - Newport S.Wales.