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Suspension - Final Levelling - OME



This is an oft posed question on the lscool forum, where there is
confusion between driver and passenger side between Aus and the USA.
You should find plenty of info regarding spring swaps in the Birfield
The simplistic answer would be to check the springs you have removed.
If one is longer than the other then fit the new ones accordingly and
use the trim packers to level the truck.
I would be tempted to fit the rears, checking the length of the O/E
springs as you go, drive the truck for a couple of weeks to let it all
settle down and then recheck by eye or more accurately measuring the
bumpstop clearances, level it all up if needs be.
I would not worry about a 10 / 15 mm imbalance at the initial stage, if
it's any more then I would be swapping springs side to side .
Have any of our other listers swapped springs and had a perfectly level
vehicle at the first attempt - let us know please?
Gareth Jones.