Teaser for the J8 gasoline brigade....))



FZJ-80 GX (not VX, hence ambulance doors, no wheel flares), lockers
front & rear, PTO-winch, plus the lovely Swiss detail of a 6000kg tow
rating (air brakes).
Willem (wake me up any time of the night for the same constellation
in a HDJ80!) Jan
PS: according to rumours back then, this PTO-winch was no longer an
option in combination with (by then EU-default or even mandatory?)
airbags in 1995....:((
(and according to the same source, this model only became available
on the Austrian and Swiss market as a spin-off from a larger
(export?) order for an oilcompany in (Bela)Russia/Ukraine or
Willem-Jan Markerink
The desire to understand
is sometimes far less intelligent than
the inability to understand
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[note: 'a-one' & 'en-el'!]
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