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[TECH] Fuel additives [chat]



He's a farrier, not a mechanic! He has been quoted =A3300 for a pump "rebuild", which I suppose is reasonable for the full job of extract, strip, replace seals, re-install & re-time.
He's not a happy bunny anyway because:
(a) His wife drove their other car through a hedge & down a 30 foot drop 10 days ago, so they've bought a new one.
(b) He's short of money.
But since (b) is because (in no particular order) he went AWOL for 2 weeks last year, pissed off a lot of customers, and he drinks the profits, my sympathy is limited. However so long as he continues to do a good job with my horses I'll continue to use him.
I posted the info as it is a concrete confirmation of the old pump / low sulphur problem, and has certainly started me thinking about additives.
Christopher Bell
ps: For those considering getting a pony & trap in response to rising fuel prices, a new set of shoes for a horse is =A365, and they need them every 6 to 8 weeks...
| Hi Christopher,
| > OK, it's not an LC engine or pump, but it has similar origins.
| > Me'thinks I should be adding some lubricating additive to the fuel
| > ....
| There is an issue with the early seals used in the Japanese
| fuel pumps
| where the seals don't expand as much as they normally do with
| the older
| higher sulphur fuels. This can result in visible external leaks as
| well as internal leaks that would cause rough running.
| I guess fuel additives could prevent this, although it only really
| affects the earlier seals - not when the cutoff point was.
| Milner to a good cheap seal kit if he is feeling brave enough to swap
| the seals himself.


Hi Christopher,
That's not bad - I've been budgeting around ?600 to get my pump and
injectors serviced expecting at least new seals on the pump and
possibly half of the injectors needing to be replaced.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift