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What type of LPG system are u using (tanks, manf, size, direct air/injector,
ECU, etc.)
I'll check on my details but not run fine for over a year (price difference
here not that great) but will do so soon (as prices going up).
Man the Americans really complain on the cost when in real-world terms
(compared to UK/EU) its so cheap!
Paying $2.20 for US gallon at moment
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The 80 has been a bit unhappy on petrol for a few months now, down on power
and lumpy idling but as it runs most of the time on LPG and it's fine on
that I did the usual and ignored it.
Finally got round to checking the timing yesterday and it was 1 deg AFTER
Readjusted to 3 deg btdc and it now runs fine again to the extent that on
LPG the acceleration is of the 'pushed back into seat' variety! :)
Idling on petrol is also much better.
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