testing the centre diff locker



Hi people,
I was wondering if anyone knew how to test if the centre diff lock
still worked while we are out on the road and don't really have access
to many tools.
Basically, we got in an accident on our trip home to australia when
some idiot pulled out of the emergency lane on a highway in china
right in front of us. So our 3 ton truck doing 85kph plowed into the
back of a daewoo sedan doing 5kph... All ok but his car was a writeoff
while we needed a new radiator, new headlight, and some body work.
Took a fairly hard hit though that shaked loose the front face of the
stereo so not sure if anything else took a beating that was not
This was about a week ago now, but while needing to cross a wide,
deep,muddy puddle/river in laos I went to put on the centre diff lock
(which is now controlled by a button on the dash thanks to julian
before we left). Nothing seemed to happen and no light came on on the
There was no feeling of it coming on but to be honest I'm not sure if
I'm supposed to... I think I've needed it twice on the entire trip so
far so my memory isn't very good. There was also no change in sound,
either good or bad, when i press the button.
Is there any way to test if is working or not, or if maybe its just
not lighting up the dash light? To be honest I don't think we will
really need it till we get it to darwin in late november, but now i've
said that i'm sure i'll get bogged somewhere.
Assuming the front and rear diff locks still work ok, are they any
good without the centre one locked?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Duncan Atack
http://www.londontoperth.com (a bit behind)
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When the centre diff. is locked, you can easily notice the binding in the
driveline. On a paved road you will need a high torque/force to move
ahead if turning with the lock on. Continuing such activity might even
break something. On gravel you will feel some binding, and hear the
wheels skidding when turning.
The centre diff.lock is important for maximum traction. But, if stuck
diagonally, one front and opposite rear with lack of grip, and the other
two wheels with good grip, it will still be ok with both front and rear
locked without the centre lock.
I hope justice works better for foreigners in china than in a few other
places where locals are always right.
Exciting trip you are doing...
U Hu
On Fri, 09 Oct 2009 17:52:34 +0200, Duncan Atack <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Ugo Hu, Oslo, Norway
HDJ100, Auto, AHC, 2001; ex HZJ80
European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
Further Info: http://www.landcruisers.info/
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