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The John and Eddie debate show



But there are others besides those concerned who may be interested, i.e, possible future customers of Frogs Island, it is in their interests to see how customers with a complaint are treated, keep posting I say!
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From: Reno Lamb
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Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 3:26 PM
Subject: [ELCO] The John and Eddie debate show
Hey guys, we like you both, and you both seem to be making honest efforts to resolve your exhausting differences (heh heh).
But howsabout doing it offline? I mean, mano a mano, tete a tete, a virtual handshake, etc. Then ping us all on the list when everything's hunky dory.

Ceferino Lamb
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As someone who is about to have to fit a new exhaust, I'd like to know as
much as possible and it should be open on the forum.
HDJ-81 ++
On 29/7/06 15:35, "Chas" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: 07831 458 793


I know Eddie said he hated forums, =93only one side of the story=94 and I see
his point. Suppliers and manufactures often get hammered on forums because
people are more likely to raise negative issues which leaves an unbalanced
view. On the other hand this list is another store front for Frogs and
should be a source of useful feedback.

So far people have been pretty fair and constructive with the exhaust
thread, and I agree with Chas, keep posting on the list in the interests of

Malcolm Bagley
Stafford, UK
1975 FJ45 Pickup (In Work)

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Yes, I too was intrigued by the gentleman's comment....
I hate Forums, they don't tell the whole story.
So I input his name into my email software search page and read his
postings to this very forum which he found a very convenient way to
promote his business last year - even though he now apparently hates
us ! It seems to me that most of his contributions to topics of the
moment related to something he could sell us. You have a look in your
own archives and reach your own conclusions. Perhaps he says 'I hate
forums' only when they do not provide extra income relative to his
own input, I don't know.
By the way, there has been at least one other gentleman 'from the
trade' whose enthusiasm seems to have waned, he too liberally
advertised his wares, though perhaps in a less overt manner than the
man above, but still mostly had a sales slant to any of his contributions.
I think that any trader who thinks it a good idea to join a forum to
gain more business should take a leaf from the book of the few trade
contributors to the Lcool list. A list which several Elco members are
familiar with. I am thinking of people like Christo Slee - and his
man Robbie, John Hocker, Maarten, Darren McRae to name but a few. All
are gentlemen, they make valid contributions to debate, and relate a
topic to their workshop experience. From memory, none of them make
overt sales pitches as we have experienced with some Elco
contributors. Perhaps they - and any budding new trade members of
Elco - should take note. Just a thought.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus


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From: "toyj80" <[Email address removed]>
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Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006 11:34 PM
Subject: RE: [ELCO] The John and Eddie debate show
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