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The Quest for Travel, Freedom, and Adventure


Sep 18, 2012

The captivating adventure of travel or a world journey has enchanted me since childhood. I sought and found adventures, not least during a Trans-Africa trip and other overlanding tours around the globe.

Interestingly, in doing so, I've sidestepped certain other adventures, not even recognizing them.

The principle "One rarely regrets the deeds accomplished, but mostly those left undone" is quoted in various vlogs and travel blogs in some form or another before embarking on a journey.

Life offers an almost boundless array of possibilities; consequently, we inevitably have to miss out on much.

The fact that with advancing age, we also reconsider, analyze, and potentially reevaluate fundamental decisions should also be kept in mind by us travelers, as I find in hindsight.

For many years, I never wanted to see what other adventures life had in store - and wouldn't have thought to find one of them in the role of a father.

For those who are interested - there's also an article about it:

My desire for freedom, adventure, travel, and adrenaline! - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

For the more seasoned individuals here, perhaps this is old news, but it was at least "new" to me. Now, I'm even more curious about the future and excited about upcoming travel adventures, which surely include a significant portion of "everyday adventure"!

Please note that translations might not always capture the nuances perfectly. :wink3:

The article is also available in my native german language...