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Ticking / clicking when I press or release the clutch


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Feb 24, 2010
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This afternoon I noticed the clutch clicks when I press it in (about half way down) and when you release it the same happens. You can hear the click while driving as well as feel it through the pedal.

I crawled under this afternoon with the other half pressing the clutch and it is either coming from the slave cylinder piston or from within the bell housing. The piston seems to just sit inside the "other part" without any plastic bush or form of retainer. There is no play between them.

Wiggling the "other part" has no forward-backwards play but a bit of up/down. If I apply very little downward pressure to it, the clicking stops.

Any ideas as to what this could be? :(
Possible bent fingers on the pressure plate ?

Sounds like a bit of mechanical noise in the clutch release mech. Could it be the thrust bearing on the clutch? :think:
Long ago I posted somewhere about a soft screech I heard from the clutch. So might be?

Anyway, the noise has self-healed this morning and does not make a noise. Will see in my hour slog home at 20mph :(