Toe Rags!



Well I've had my new pride and joy a month now ,so some toe rag (I wanted to
use much stronger language, but didn't want to offend) decided it was time
to break into it.
So a word of warning to all! I left my Tom Tom bracket attached to the
windscreen with the unit itself in the cubby box between the seats. The
lowlife used a bar to damage the window frame while popping the glass, then
nicked the Tom Tom, bracket and cable.
What really upset my wife is that this happened on the drive in our quiet
little cul-de-sac out in surburbia!
Does anyone have any aftermarket security items fitted to the TLC that may
be worth a look. Having just bought the 'van', I can't really afford it,
but then I probably can't afford not to either!
Mark Hughes
Sheffield, UK
2000 Colorado 3.0TD GX (95 Series), Standard
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Hi Mark,
I have a Satnav I also have put a little notice below the cradle it sits in
that says "There is no Satnav in the car, it is in my pocket" and I never
leave it in the car it is always in my pocket when not in use. Mind you I
suppose some hooligan might not believe me.
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Hi Mark
Really sorry to hear of your plite at the hands of those little/ big
It does not matter where you live, these parasits have transport at their
desposal from their first job of the day.
I have absolutly no time for this kind of scum who rob what has taken you
years to build up just cause they dont give a s---.
The main thing is that it can be replaced, (the Item).
A few steps you can take to minimise your risk are below but do not think of
confronting these ------- even if you see them in the act.
They will try to get away at all costs even if this means going through you
in the process.
Other ideas come to mind when I think of someone robbing or wrecking what
one loves but this will have to do.
I think the only help i can advice is to invest in a good alarm with motion
At least this way if they open a door or break a window or remove the window
the alarm will go off.
You could also attach tint window film which helps the glass stay together.
A visible steering lock aswell helps them move on to another victim.
I know you know now but do not leave any visable valuables visable anywhere
in the vehicle and do not leave any items stuck to any window or dash
belonging to any gadgets, including mobile phones.
They know (the scumbags) if they see these that you have either hide the
goodies in the glove compartment or somewhere else in the vehicle as most
people will not carry or remove them from the vehicle.
If the vehicle is parked in the drive get a motion sensor spot light
attached to the house ( up high) or a energy efficent light to stay on all
The whole idea is to get them to move to an easier target other than yours
and they will because they dont want to be caught or waste time.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT

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