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  1. karl webster

    karl webster Land Cruiser Club sponsor Promoted Company Land Cruiser Club Promoted Company

    Hi all.

    Im going to be needing to start using toyo diy now and ive been looking at the site and dont find it that easy to use.

    Is there a quick and simple way of finding a part? Lets say im looking for a washer jet for the headlight of a 80 series.Or do you just have to go through the parts list untill you find what your looking for?

    Thanks karl
  2. Gary Stockton

    Gary Stockton Super Moderator Supporter I am in zimbabwe

    Nope - once you've got the right settings by choosing your correct vehicle, there's a search facility which is pretty good.

    You should probably just set up a number of vehicles that you look at - fairly simple for you. For e.g. I've got my 120, a SAffa 120 with the under-mounted 2nd fuel tank, an 80 and 100 set up - and SWMBOs Yaris. Then I can flip from one to the other from the 'My Vehicles' drop-down list ...
  3. Chris

    Chris Super Moderator Supporter I am in europe

    Gary's right, but if you want to find a part like a head lamp washer without any numbers you do have to be a bit of a detective sometimes. Fine for a diff, but for a washer - does that come under body, ancillary, electrical, switches? All the bits ARE in there they just take a bit of finding at times. Have a go at finding the temp sender unit for the VX Colorado. The one that goes behind the head light for the multi console thingy on the dash. That'll keep you busy.

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