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Toyota specialists in Scotland?


Oct 13, 2018
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Just a quick check to see if anyone has details of any Land Cruiser specialists in Scotland, ideally near Inverness or Fort William. I’m moving house soon so thought I’d see what is around.

Parks are the Toyota dealership in Inverness, but suspect they provide the normal dealer experience, they haven’t had the franchise there for a long time. Corrie motors were the long term Toyota dealer so could also be worth talking too. I can’t comment honestly on either as I’ve never used them, doing all my own work, but served my time (college time) with a couple of guys who ended up a long time at Corries and my provide a better old school approach
Nice one thanks for information, will give them a shout once I’m up.
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Parks in Inverness - useless. I rang twice, said they'd call back, never did so gave up. I'd like to use a 4x4/toyota specialist but not found one as yet.
That's not great. I am in Aberdeenshire and like you are looking for Landcruiser specialist.
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I don’t know of any independent landcruiser specialists in Aberdeenshire. I’ve always taken my Toyota‘s to the Toyota Elgin dealership.
You cold try Corrie Motors in Inverness, were the ‘Yota dealers for years and years and may still have some good old hands there
And forget about Mr T in Edinburgh, don't know their @r5e from elbow. ..

I was using Keith Elgin Motors in Edinburgh but last I tried they were shut. Mostly due to road works and not sure if they've survived that...