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Trailer sockets etc



Lal wrote...
The one u've found sounds like a US trailer wiring loom.
Its got four female connectors (plastic like) and one metal female (ground)
At least thats what it looks like on mine.
I couldn't find at the time a 4-7 converter and ran seperate wiring for UK
I have the wiring diagram for it somewhere but u'd need an elec gizmo to put
the right V down the appropiate 7 pins,
Thanks Lal.
On Sunday I went under mine and although I did not drop the spare wheel I
found 2 separate sockets tied together towards the RHS - one with 3 wires
and the other with 2. (5 is the minimum without a fog light eh?) They are
naturally full of mud etc. Perhaps when it gets a bit warmer (now 12ins
snow) I will clean them up in warm water and test them. Will get back to
you then.
By the way, I am sure I am not the only 'international' lister asked to
join the OZ 80scool list. But what about you folks in N America? Have you
been asked to join the USA list ? Its all confusing to me, I thought I
was still on the international list, but admit that perhaps the OZ list is
more relevant as they have diesels.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia