Transafrica via Lybia/ Niger



Hi All
As there are desert people out there ( Renate, Roman et al) has anyone of
you tried to cross the border of lybia(taharhi) to niger (madama). This looks
like a feasible route down south- the other two i know of lead via ex Spanish
sahara to westafrica or via egypt/sudan(rather expensive in 2000).Recently
I read about a route lybia/ tchad which is used by aid comp. for the darfur.
CFA, gabon, french kongo, cabinda, angola, swa,sa. Towards the end of the
year (dec./jan.)i am going to be free and will want to travel. Who of you
has kitted out their cars and could I please come look and steel ideas? Also
what spares does one need for LC and what dies usually in the hot and rough.
Some other favour: Does anyone of you have the time and interest to read
through a manuscript which stems from a journey through africa and the middle
east 4 years ago. I need feedback and criticism for this as i thought of
getting a small very modest nr published. I could sent copies to a few people
who have travelled.
Many thanks and regards
Michael A Schaefer, MD
Consultant General Surgeon
Bramhope, Kings Rd. 15
Flat 2
Leeds, LS16 9JN
Mob. 0044 7747 818218


Here's the latest info about crossing from Libya to Niger:
As for the other questions, ask me via PM some time next week when I
am back home.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On Apr 4, 2005 1:41 PM, [Email address removed]
<[Email address removed]> wrote:


Ahahh, that is a good link thanks so much
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