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Turbo (2L-T) CT20 swap for TD04 ?


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Nov 6, 2022
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Anyone actually done this ?

Particularly interested in what's involved, e.g. adaptor plate, oil/water feeds, etc. and where you got the parts

I've also seen mention of the Saab/Volvo TD04 which I think is a 4-bolt fitting (like the CT20)


"We get asked constantly if we have CT20 turbos of the Toyota 2LT to fit to the 2.8 and 3.0L Toyota non turbo engines as a upgrade. Although this does work and makes for a cheap upgrade some of the things to be wary of. The turbine wheel out of the MK2 2LT is only a 44mm wheel and when fitting on a 2.8 bigger displacement engine and increasing the fuel delivery can cause excessive backpressure and high egt's which I have seen melt pistons and de laminate turbine housings. If your on a budget the CT20 turbo can be modified to work much more efficiently by using the larger 48mm turbine wheel out of the MK1 2LT and machining it into the existing exhaust housing which does improve them. We also have a better flowing 6 blade compressor we use to replace the stock compressor wheel. Even better is our Mitsubishi TD04HL turbo which requires an adapter plate to fit to the 2LT exhaust manifold. This setup uses modern turbine and compressor technology which leaves the CT20 behind. Just something to think about if you are planning on turbocharging your Toyota engine".