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turbo safeguard,reply and humour




Hi Renate
Keep the questions coming then you get an answer then you know. If you have
ever sat in your cruiser and reved it for a few times, you can actually feel
all that power because the whole body of the cruiser rocks from side to
side. So think about that poor exhaust having to move with the movement and
not cracking at the seems.
John c
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland


fuel additives

Hi Guys
I know we have had a small discussion about fuel additives recently. So here
it is the question as usual. I think it has been said that you do not need
an oil additive because the oil should contain all the ingredients you need
in an oil.
If your fuel tank holds 80 or 90 litres of fuel and you add a little bottle
of stuff 300ml to this and it mixes around and around in the tank with the
90 litres, do you really think that this little anount of additive mixed
with the hugh amount of fuel will do any good at all. Has there been any
tests where after mixing the additive with the fuel of 90 litres the fuel
was analised to see what amount of additive was present if any. It just
seems such a small amount going into a big amount how could it do any good.
John c
92HDJ 80 1HD-t Ireland


JB wrote...
Thanks for the continued interested in people like me who know damn all and
are a pain in the derriere at times but hay thats life, some people know whats
what and others dont but will in time so give me this time.
I was thinking of just getting a permanent addition to my e-mails to this
forum saying THANK YOU because thats all I seem to be doing all the time. I
never thought that knowing stuff about cruisers could be so interesting, its
like an addiction that is only helped by more cruiser stuff
Now dont laught at least not on post but what do you call the thing that you
slide under you vehicle on to do jobs.
First JB, its a pleasure for us to help a mate who appreciates it, better
than others elsewhere who ask for opinions and experiences, and when they
receive them, then proceed to challenge them. You are a diamond and provide
entertainment for us all and also make us think twice on some points we
take for granted. TLC ownership is supposed to be fun not some earnest
branch of rocket science. (Though Renate brings philosophy into it
somehow >:-}) Moving on....
The thingy you are thinking of is called a 'creeper'. I appreciate you have
a bad back and maybe need some assistance getting under the jalopy, but you
may find that the creeper takes up a tad more of the underbelly clearance
(the TLC's) than you would want. OK, my back is getting old and suffering
from playing too much rugby in my youth, but I do crawl underneath just
sliding under on a cheap plastic laminated picnic rug. I am somewhat large
and gorilla shaped but manage to get underneath to check the oil levels
every other weekend, but may not find it so easy with a creeper underneath
my lovely little body. Have you noticed the older you get the
larger/higher/wider/more underbelly room you need in a car to manage to
maintain it ?
Apologise if the above has been overtaken by events but I have been up in
the mountains for 2 days again.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where the new Champion wiper blade
fittings broke in the cold and snow again yesterday. So I am going to buy
those cheapo's with the metal screw-on bracket like my originals.