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Tyre pressures



Steve wrote...
My FJ40 has aftermarket wheels and tyres and I haven't a clue what the tyre
pressures should be, I've been keeping them at between 30 - 32 PSI which
seems sensible.
Steve, writing with total ignorance of an FJ40, you are about the right
pressure but maybe on the high side for the weight of the truck.
I apologise in advance to other listers who will now be bored with my
explanation of the 4psi rule that I have posted a couple of times before,
but it may help you Steve.
The manufacturer's calculated optimum pressures when warm are nearly always
4psi above the recommended pressure when cold. You inflate to 32 cold, and
when warm they are 36psi, and that's where the manufacturer wants them to be.
So if in doubt, set them to 32 early in the morning before it gets any heat
of the day, go for a ride for half an hour, and not in stop-go traffic but
continuous travelling, and with an 'average' load for your daily driving.
Then test the pressure. If its 36 then you have it right. If its 38 then it
should be set to 34 cold for those loading conditions. Likewise if its 34
when warm, then you should run at 30psi cold. But in summer when its hot
and you are going on a long high speed drive then inflate the rears more to
get the best fuel consumption etc. The only exception I have found is when
it gets very - 40 degs - hot in (the Bosnian Mediterranean) summer the
fronts tend to squeal on tight corners and I put another 2psi in to quieten
Hope that helps.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia


Thanks Jon,
Incidentally the only thing I could find on the net was a review on the
tyres from a Russian review on them, I translated some of it, it was all
quite dry.
Steve Ackhurst - FJ40
E: [Email address removed]