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Tyre ( tire )pressures when towing.


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Apr 8, 2024
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Hello. 2014 3.0 Icon J150. Rear tyre pressures when towing a small caravan 18 inch tyres. Chart on B post 32 psi front and rear ,even when vehicle fully loaded.

I even asked Toyota dealers !?. Does this mean no need to put rears up ? Thanks.
Trailer weight pushing down on tow bar should not be huge anyway unless its poorly balanced .
I'm no expert the forum is just inexplicably digitally set to label people in accordance with how often they post so post 5 jokes a day and eventually you will be labelled lord chief commander expert :roll: .

You can be sure those who designed and built your caravan are experts and the recipe for correct tongue weight/balance etc is well documented .
Depends on your tyres as well.
I don't know the 150, but on my 100 the specs say 32 as well, which I find too low. At 32 I get more wear on the edges and less wear along the centre of the tyres, and a swampy drive. 36 seems to be much better as a minimum for highway driving.