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Hi Guys
I was wondering if 33s will fit on the stock 80 like mine with weight on it,
not to go off road but just to get me through the UK on those good roads. O
I forgot then I have to travel on our crap roads for a while, still worth
thinking about. I have also been colecting info on the issues with getting
those beautiful big tyres. Things like speedo and gear change issues, but I
will get to the bottom of these. I know the GPS will do away with the
speedo issue but I do not want to go there yet with that expense unless
someone has one that they do not want and would take some reasonable amount
for. The other thing is the gear changes, now thats the one that has me,
well it will need a bit more thinking. thats all ill say because I can't
talk about a thing im confused about and make me self out to be an even
bigger g-- s--- than what everyone already thinks.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
I am running 285's with no problem, this is to all intents the
same as 33". If anything the speedo is closer to correct with these
tyres on as most cars have speedos that run fast.
Regards, Clive.
Hi Clive
Dont tell me now that the speedos are not accurate, how much are the speedos
out by. I supose you could only tell that if you had a GPS fitted and
compared the two. Im sure someone out there has done this and can tell me If
by putting the 33s on and you feel the speedo is more accureate then with
the stock tyres on my speedo must be way off. It just gets more complicated
all the time , is it any wonder im comfused.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
On 5/24/05, Peter Browning <[Email address removed]> wrote:
A speedo need to be acurate to +/- 10 percent (in other words 20%). It
is common knowledge that car makers prefer to make the customer
imagine his car is faster, not slower than it is, hence it is
invariably set close to - 10% limit
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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I agree Roman
I have a Uniden UHF/GPS which indicates what speed I am doing.
With 285s fitted the speedo is now showing the correct speed !
Both GPS and speedo are the same 99% of the time on my rig fitted with 285s
No need for anyone to spend money on speedo correction gears etc unless
you have larger than 285s fitted
Roman wrote:
>On 5/24/05, Peter Browning <[Email address removed]> wrote:
>> I've not checked my speedo since going to 33's but..... whenever I'm
>>following traffic through a speed camera in a 30mph zone I'm always doing an
>>indicated 29 / 30 mph.
>A speedo need to be acurate to +/- 10 percent (in other words 20%). It
>is common knowledge that car makers prefer to make the customer
>imagine his car is faster, not slower than it is, hence it is
>invariably set close to - 10% limit
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Just before setting off on my latest jaunt, I fitted 285/75/16 B.F.Gs to
the truck. (these are 33' tires).
Whilst travelling along the M62 in the U.K. I checked the spedo reading
against a G.P.S. which is reconed to be accurate to 20' (at a speed of
60m.p.h. this is dead on).
When the G.P.S. was indicating exactly 60 m.p.h. the speedo was indicating
58.5 m.p.h. (within 3%).
As Roman correctly pointed out, by law, the speedo must be accurate to
within + / - 10%
The conclusion, stick 'em on and STOP WORRYING.
2nd. - Yes, the 33s will fit on a stock 80 and they will not rub or
otherwise foul anything on ANY type of black top at all. If you take it
off-road, with weight on, you will get some body contact (rubbing) unless
the truck is lifted.
Which brings us to the next point:-
As you know, my truck has an O.M.E. 50mm (2") lift.
I have not used a castor correction kit, nor have I extended the flexible
brake lines in any way, and I have, as yet, encountered no problems
I DID notice a very slight difference in the way the car steered when I
fitted the new tires,(wander) but after determining the correct running
pressure, (many thanks Clive) I no longer notice it.
The conclusion :- Bung in the new O.M.Es and enjoy the ride.
It's good to be cautious when fitting new gear to your Cruiser, but you
realy do worry too much. This list is not going to allow you to fit, modify
or otherwise change anything on your beloved which will cause you or it
harm. Just listen to what they say and save yourself a lot of stress.
Mik Kenney, (Cruisermik).
T.L.C.A. Member (Last 8 Years).
82 FJ 40 'Swagman'
97 80 1HD FT. 'Abe'