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Tyres etc + CHAT



Ian Wrote........
Our greater problem here is to get all our roads covered in tarmac !
Well, funny you should mention that Ian!
It is our intention to stay out in this area for our retirement, and as I
am an NGO worker, my pension fund is such that I need to have some
secondary form of income till the day I die. So we are looking for a B&B -
or at least a house suitable to run such a business. As we are both
multi-lingual (Tania is a professional linguist) we hope to get some trade
from incoming tourists from Europe. So we have been looking at the market.
Skiers and 4WD clubs rate high on the list of potential customers. Watch
this space and you never know, you might find the attraction of driving in
the Balkans too much to resist when you know you can base your activity in
a B&B that understands your needs and can provide you with routes and even
local guides on some often hairy routes sans tarmac ! It only takes 2 days
to drive here from Calais. And no, its not all minefields and bombed-out
buildings; just great scenery, warm climate and some interesting roads.
We are off to the Adriatic coast at Dubrovnik (in Croatia and 5 hours
away) in a couple of weeks for a break, and whilst there we will be
looking at houses on the coast for this venture too.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia