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UK army/ISAF using TLC's



Interesting item on Channel 4 News Thursday evening showing a patrol by UK
army in ISAF using what looked like 100 Amazons in Afghanistan's northern
mountains. Some rough stuff that ended-up with them taking to horses. The
journalist highlighted a 'vehicle's battery failure' which looked like an
overworked battery after using the winch to recover another from a river at
night. Also of a failure of the power steering on one, but did remark that
it was a minor issue when compared with their professional tasks. Twice he
cynically referred to 'the so called all-terrain vehicle'. Perhaps he is a
LR Freelander specialist ;o)
Good footage though.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia
Hi, I also saw the Channel 4 news section on Afghanistan, actually I thought he jokingly referred to all terrain vehicles, particularly as on one occasion he was on a mountain pony. The channel 4 guys did not seem very converant with our 4 legged friends !
The 100 series had snorkels with the large Donaldson pre cleaners, steel wheels, 3/4 roof racks - make ? and winches.
Good footage.
The terrain was spectacular, but I would not want to live there, a visit be ok.
Gareth Jones - Happy with the green rolling hills of Wales.
Hi Jon-c-w
Saw this aswell how dare he critisise the landcruiser. One comment was there
is no such thing as an all terrain vehicle. I think the 100s did very well
to get as far as they did . I do think they were going a bit fast in places
like the water which could have had a nice boulder waiting there for them.
Maybe that had something to do with the power steering problem. It never did
say how they continued on, did they replace a part or fix it or call Toyota
Afganistan for a courior service dispatch.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT ireland