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UK army/ISAF using TLC's + CHAT



Gareth wrote...
3/4 roof racks - make ?
And then continued...
The terrain was spectacular, but I would not want to live there, a visit be ok.
Gareth Jones - Happy with the green rolling hills of Wales.
The loaded roof racks were interesting, really defying assertions made here
and elsewhere that they are not to be used in rough country as they make
the truck top-heavy. (Peacekeepers are not bothered at cracking B & C
pillars). Well in this report they were going at angles that we would be
worried at negotiating without any roofrack on top.
As for visiting the place. A mate of mine went there to work for USAID in
April this year. The locals slaughtered 11 of their international staff in
June - it was in all the news reports. So USAID laid off 15000 (yes the
right number of zeroes) local workers in retaliation, which did not go down
too well with the local warlords who supplied the labour - and probably
ordered the killings. I'll stick with the minefields of Bosnia thank you.
Grand Union Canal - Wendover Arm
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia