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Warning about Ebay UK seller 'smokeandpetfreehome'


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Feb 16, 2018
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Thanks @DaanLC
I'm hoping so too, I'll upload the result.
Whatever happens the moral is clear. The stress and angst caused is very time and energy consuming. The negative and violent thoughts that have been going on on my head have really occupied my mind and disturbed my sleep.
Good shout for the forums though, the information I got from them was invaluable.
I run Nissan Elgrands and am a member of elgrandoc. My favourite is my 2001 Rider V6, 3.5 ltr, all mode 4x4 with LPG. Very versatile, 8 leather seats that all swivel and fold flat to make a comfy double bed. Bit low to the ground but plastic skirts and bumpers can be removed or altered to get more height. Mines a bit scruffy, like me, but fine for where I live.
In picture damaged front left corner from hitting a hare at 60mph. More than you would think from a little animal.

IMG_1072.JPG IMG_1073.JPG