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Well i'm back again!!


Apr 25, 2017
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Hi All,
After an absence of just over a year i'm back having bought yet ANOTHER Collie after last one developed a transmission problem and would you believe this one has a problem with reverse when hot but works when cold all forward gears work as they should not terminal just a seal i am told by an auto transmission expert. I am going to try some transmission conditioner first to see if the seals pucker up and go from there the car is in very good condition and never been welded just surface rust on chassis its a one owner 02 VX D4-d auto 134k miles all for £2200 so wish me luck :neutral:


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Congratulations! Looks new and that's a decent mileage compared to most round here!
Well done Chas, I remember your previous posts with the Collie and its faults. Lets hope this works out and it turns out well. I had a D4D VX auto and loved it ( now gone though).
An update i added Lucas transmission fix to the gearbox and well it does seem to have fixed it ie no more slipping in reverse hot or cold i am a little sceptical about these magic fixes but on the advice of my auto transmission expert to try this first it actually seems to have worked for how long we shall see so a happy chappie at the moment and its really good to be back :dance:
That's good news, my transmission was rebuilt at 320,000km (200,000mi), and that was down to strawberry milkshaking, so hopefully you have a while left yet.
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Thanks fingers crossed it does last hopefully i don't get the milkshake as the rad looks like its been replaced recently? i tried to fit a separate cooler on my last collie but the box gave up before i had chance and it was a pain trying to find one to fit in the space available :disappointed:
I got an external cooler fitted by my local tranny place - it's about 12"x8" and is located just in front of the AC condenser on the drivers side behind the grille. Seems to work fine, even towing a 1ton camper trailer. I got them to bypass the radiator which some say is a bad thing but it seems to work OK for me. With 1/2hr city driving before I get to a motorway I think the tranny will be warmed up enough without it.
Hi All,
An update i took my Collie for his mot passed with one advisory ie front anti roll bar bush split both now replaced the tester was very impressed with him and said there is no play in any of the joints bearings etc in his words all very tight a very good car with minimal surface rust to the chassis:dance: all good news indeed BUT and isn't there always :fearful: He reversed him off the ramp well tried as there was NO reverse again! after a couple of revs it went into reverse so yes it has his reverse woes back again all good when cold but when warm reverse disappears i am in two minds whether to sell or go the whole hog and get the transmission man to put on his diagnostics on it or sell and be done its such a straight solid car what to do ?????????????????????????????????:confusion-shrug:
I'd get it fixed. At least you have MOT for 12 months with only 1 minor issue. Don't know about the UK market but you'd be very lucky to find another with under 300,000km on it here!
An update on my Transmission after driving it round and about the reverse issue is no more ie i have reverse gear but to be on the safe side i took it to my Trans specialist who did a stall test and hooked up his diagnostic equipment and low and behold no faults no slippage nothing :dance: The car has been behaving impeccably and selecting all forward gears as it should i can just about hear the gear changes with lock up coming in as it should around 56mph the revs are around 2100 rpm @70mph so all i can say it may have been an earthing issue to a solenoid etc which has now gone :confusion-shrug:
Hi All,
Looks like i spoke too soon after driving my Collie around for a while the gearbox seemed to have sorted itself ie reverse gear was back that is until today when it lost reverse then when cool comes back again i really don't believe i am saying this but i think me and Collie transmissions don't mix and am yet again thinking of selling as im done with gearboxes :icon-sad:
Its got to be electrical i reckon Beau might shed some light on the problem when he's around to comment .
Does sound somewhat electrical. Have you checked all the connections going to the trans? There is a major earth wire that earths around the engine oil filter housing. check that one and the general ones. Sometimes when hot, resistance can cause electrical problems to worsen. There's also the possibility of a failing solenoid as well. Maybe it doesn't like to operate when hot. They're cheap and easy to replace if you're mechanically minded.