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What a Dirty Slapper!


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Jan 20, 2021
Look. I know that, at nearly 30 years old, she's going to have "been round the block a few times" [pun intended]. But, having just got the V5 through yesterday, I'm shocked...


How can I ever take this one home to meet mother?

On a more serious note; this has fed nicely into the customary post-purchase "what did I miss?" paranoia. This motor seems to have been passed round like a bar of soap. I hope that's not a bad omen!
You might get lucky!

In 2005 I bought a 1988 BMW R100GS motorcycle - I was the 12th owner. I've still got it, its been great and is my "go to" bike. Of course, there isn't much tinwork on it to rust !

You'll need to get under it and check everything carefully - but we do that when we buy a new vehicle anyway, don't we. Was there any service history with it (I usually pass a new owner a thick file of receipts!)?

It looked good underneath. Far better than my previous Collie. Usual surface rust. But no rot. At least none I could see while crawling round, poking and prodding underneath.

It came with a folder of receipts. One showed it had been sold as "Spares or Repairs" in 2021. But, subsequent to that, a couple of grand's worth of receipts from Roughtrax.

Of course, existence of those receipts only proves that someone had bought a load of "stuff". Not that they'd necessarily fitted it. Or fitted it to this particular truck. But I could see that the springs and brake discs looked pretty new. And the guy I bought it from said he thought the radiator was newish too. There were also receipts for two timing belt kits. [which reminds me; I must get the cover off and see if the belt looks new].

I'm hoping all that "evidence" points to someone having bought it in a pretty rough state and then spent a fair bit of cash putting it right. There's nothing horrific on the MOT history, anyway.

Fingers crossed!
Now someone has spent the money, you can have the enjoyment without putting anything but effort in to tidy up.
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