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What snow chains are you all using


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Apr 10, 2021
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Dear All,
I planned to go to Austria to meet a friend next week. It seems snow chains are mandatory so I looked at one website to buy them. On the website I got below message after entering Landcruiser details and the available options that came up are quite expensive. Is it true that these chains snap and damage shocks? Please advice.

Restrictions for your vehicle...
Our snow chains suppliers tell us that your vehicle and tyre size combination is not suitable for any traditional chains, and most automatic chains; this is probably because any chain links placed on the back of the tyres are likely to snag on the shock absorbers. We believe that all the chains shown below are safe to use; for example, ladder track chains do not put any chain behind the tyres.
From when I lived there a very long time ago you needed chains or proper rated tyres. Might be a cheaper option. The tyres make one hell of a difference.
Good quality chains will not snap and are unlikely to damage anything if they're fitted properly and you only use them when needed (i.e. when you're actually on snow - drive more than a few hundred yards on open tarmac and you may well snap or damage them).

But they aren't cheap. Look at Pewag or similar.

You'll need to check clearance yourself - but looking at our 80 series I certainly don't see any issues. I wonder if the site you are using simply doesn't have your vehicle on their files, so having included a stock disclaimer?
Oh - and there are places where you can hire snow chains, if you don't fancy buying for one trip...


I’ve used these for years, supplied by Brindley Chains in the UK. I carry them all year round as ideal for mud too.

If you’re doing a short trip you might be able to hire them. Check the rules too, as they differ for residents and visitors, (or do in Scandinavia where studs are compulsory but only as a resident) Also check your handbook to confirm if they are compatible with all or just one axle.

What size are your tyres? If compatible you can borrow a pair of mine.
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OK just had a look. There is no legal requirement for you to carry chains As you’re not a bus or lorry.

This is the link for winter tyres:
Compulsory use of winter tyres - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]

If you have AT’s or MT’s fitted they’ll be marked M&S which seems sufficient for the Austrians, (usually you need the snowflake symbol for winter tyres). Plus only applies for driving in winter conditions and chains can only be used on snow covered roads. Scandinavia where studs are compulsory but only as a resident...
Correction: Studs are not compulsory in scandinavia. Winter tyres are, and not only for scandihooligans. Or rather, you have to be shod for the roads you are driving on, ensuring safe driving. That means that if winter tyres without studs do not give a good grip, you should not drive. Driver's responsibility. Most cars in populated areas do not have studded tyres, but good, studless, nordic type winter tyres.
It is a proper nuisance that whenever there is a bit of snowfall, many roads are closed because of foreign articulated lorries blocking the roads in funny angles. The drivers are heavily fined, but it doesn't seem to help.
Raj you can often rent snowchains, much cheaper!
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P.s. this is much easier to understand....
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Dear All, Sorry didn't have time to check here. Thank you all for your replies.
no legal requirement
Thank you. My truck is empty and doesn't. go over 3.5 ton and I have good AT tires so I will drive directly and if they stop I will ask them to suggest someplace to hire them and sort it out on the spot.
What size are your tyres?

OK My chains fit 285/70 R17 and 255/80 R17, these are about 1” taller than yours so my chains will probably fit if you want to borrow them and can get to Norfolk to collect (insanely expensive to send as weigh a lot).
get to Norfolk
Thank you very much. My bad I won’t be able to pick up chains from Norfolk.
This trip was a spontaneous one and I am leaving on Wednesday afternoon and I am working till last minute.
Hire is good idea and might work or worst case I ll buy one in Alps.
This will be my first drive in Europe,
First experiment of sleeping in the car, on the road. I spotted a service type stop in France about 5 hrs from Calais. Plan is to park car and sleep in the back if I feel it’s safe. will continue rest 6 hrs drive early in the morning.
First exposure to potential snow roads and Alps.
If I find time I ll go to Halfords and buy some Europe trip package
You’ll have a great time I’m sure. My recent trip to Germany was epic. Europe has pull outs all along the autobahns, etc that are free to stop and park, most have toilets but not all
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+1 Pewag are usually good
This looks good price-wise as well but I might not get it before I leave. I should order one and keep for next time.
If in no hurry, might be worth keeping an eye on ebay. A few years ago, I got a pair of new ex army Pewag Austro Supers at a very reasonable price.
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Late to the party but wanted to leave a note about the 'automatic' chains mentioned in the warning OP received and posted.
I tried to run the Auto-Trac chains from Peerless in the beginning on 265/70-16s. And this was before the overland build out on the truck.
I was having to get these chains replaced after almost every trail run due to their snapping/shredding. The truck is just too heavy for them.
So that's prob why that warning mentioned not using them relative to the vehicle and not the tire size.
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