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What we do at weekends whenever we get the chance.

I am glad you had fun Andy but I'd be pissed if my cruiser came out of a track with that much damage

" Go to war, be prepared to get shot at"
TBH Stu, I only use it for green laning. I always enjoy the drive to where we are going as I like driving that particular 80 more than most I've had. I wouldn't have taken yours down where I took that at the weekend as damage was bound to occur. I wasn't pissed at all, perhaps a little put out at having to spend a morning sorting the bodywork out and having a rear wing that didn't have the same pinstripes as the rest but otherwise my intention is to use it to destruction however long it takes and just enjoy it for what it it is.
This is it mine still has the new to me feel. My last one I would have been right along side you. And probably on my side. We have some great local tracks that I don't do any more as it will scratch or damage it others its just to tall to fit down.