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Wheel bearing woes


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Nov 19, 2010
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this mornings job was the N/S wheel bearing on the 120. Simple and straight forward if you buy the ready built hub and bearing assembly. I hadn't driven this for a good while and only that Maria said the ABS light had come on had come on did I have to investigate. Diagnostics said foreign body on ABS sensor and when I jacked the wheel up a good 10-12 mm play at the wheel, so ABS sensor had bearing remains on it.


Hub and backplate installed, gave the backplate a bit of attention.

Changed the ABS sensor as well.


Installed the first of 4 genuine drop links. This was mentioned on the last MOT that 3 of them had slight play so I thought I'd replace them when the wheels were conveniently off. Also tidied and painted the brake pipe, preventive maintenance etc.
Horrible flashbacks to pressing a new bearing onto the hub, and then realising you can't get the bolts on the bearing in after you've pressed it. And the only way I ever worked out how to remove a bearing would wreck it. Found out afterwards the idiot garage bodge is to grind a chunk out of the hub so you can add bolts one at a time as you spin it round.