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Wheel nut type


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Mar 10, 2010
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How do I tell what type of wheel nuts (Bevelled or flat with washer) are required for my alloy wheels?

The alloys been retrofitted by the previous owner as GS models were supplied with steel from the factory & I suspect I'm running the original nuts (Bevelled)
I'm going to look in on your replies.
My wheel nuts are bevelled with a washer but the only wheel where the nuts do up tight enough to grip the washer is the one that used to be the spare.
I can't see any difference between that wheel and the others but there must be one. I think it must be the depth of the bore inside the alloy. I even went to Toyota and got a new set of wheel nuts for my chassis number and it made no difference.
When I bought a second set of alloys for MUX - four of them had the usual (to me) 'cone' machined into the bottom of the fixing holes but the fifth was machined flat... Can't remember which wheel went where but all the nuts I use are of the cone shaped variety without washers... Nothing has fallen off to date but I will be checking them tonight :roll:

The standard fit 5-spoke wheels I had on the Colorado, until I put the 80 alloys on, had the flat type nut with washer fitting - I sent them on with the wheels when I sold them...

This is a photo of the Colorado wheel - you can see that the bottom of the fixing hole is 'flat'


This is a pic of the 80 alloy - you can't see jack thats useful (well I can't!!!)


I can talk myself into seeing the cone shape but...

Other than that, what a waste of time I have been :oops:
The old alloys had a definate bevel and need the cone ended nuts. The newer alloys have a flat area (but a slight bevel may have developed if you're using the wrong nuts) and need flat ended nuts. Using the wrong nuts won't be good for either of them.
I'm pretty sure my alloys have a flat seat & the nuts are bevel type, I think I'd better buy some new ones :shock:
Gavlad said:

Hi Gav,

What kind of finish is that on those alloys - is it powder coating? They look great! :cool:

Sorry to be a pain but have you got a pic of your Colorado with those alloys on?

I'm looking to get my alloys refurbished and was trying to decide on a finish/colour - though in reality, I'll probably end up sticking with the original Silver colour.

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Hi Chad

I'm afraid they never made it back onto the Colorado!!! I fitted the 80 alloys & sold the Colorado alloys to a guy on TLOCUK so no piccies. Sorry about that...

The finish is that - powder coating. I use a company in Ashton under Lyme - £15 per wheel, cash!!! They shot blast the wheel first & then powder coat. The finish is superb & the shot blasting takes away the odd dink & donk, or at least smooths them out ;-)

I'm not sure if he told me that using the standard silver colour requires lacquering after being coated... But the range of colours is, well, the range of colours I guess ;-) Jon Wildsmith used to get a 'sparkle' in his when they were being done. I was going to ask of you could get very-mini toyota logos & put that in the mix :ugeek:

I got the running boards powder coated too - did you spot them? ;-) I'd love to get the plastics bits off & blacken them as well - uber-mean Colorado then ;-)

Whereabouts in the UK are you?
I'm in Watford, Herts. :)

I've managed to source a set of 4 spare wheels (for £60 of eBay :shock: :D ) which I'm hoping to have refurbished with my current spare. Then get some nice new AT tyres (undecided on exactly which make/model), they will replace the existing very tired looked wheels and Dunlop Grandtreks.

I do like the black alloys, though I'm not sure whether they will go with the Green/Silver two-tone paint of my truck. :?

I think the finish when powder coated is much nicer, though talking to a colleague, he said that when he had had alloys powder coated, he had issues with the tyre slipping on the rim?? Anyone else experienced this?
Good price on those wheels Chad - I've never been that lucky & usually pay not much less than that per rim!!!

If you can spare the time to take them to Chicago Coatings, at £15/rim & you don't like it, gerrem done again a different colour!!! ;-)

Get a charcoal finish, that would look nice...

And I don't seem to have any issues with tyre slip either.

Go for it!!!

Gavlad said:
Good price on those wheels Chad - I've never been that lucky & usually pay not much less than that per rim!!!

I know, I was very surprised to win them for that price too (£62 actually), they usually go for around £150+ - it was from a lady that had "upgraded to a 120 from a Colly and had a spare set of alloys in her garage.

They are actually in slightly better condition than my current alloys so I'm tempted to swap them over - they also have part worn Grandtrek tyres too.

I think I'm decided upon powder coating - but Chicago Coatings (sounds like a pizza topping ;) ) is a bit too far for me. Still, I should be able to find somewhere reasonable within Herts.