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wheel, tyres, humour,i hope



Hi Julian
Thanks for the info on the wheels and tyres. I was thinking of getting new
wheels as a kind of new (MAYBE) fingers crossed, found confidence in the
cruiser. I have not had any serious problems with it for a while and just
thought that I could make it a little special and a tad nicer looking.
It is still only the bog standard cruiser because all my money has gone into
keeping it going before now.
O god I just had a thought, I know its unusual but strange things do happen
every now and again. The cruiser has to have a rocker gasket replaced now,
so I had better put aside 1 or 2 thousand Euro for that and then they might
fint some thing else wrong and on we go again.
The time is here again this month for the Prozac induced N C T test for the
cruiser. They go through the cruiser with a micro scope looking listening
waiting for some thing, so they can tell you sorry ( little grin on their
face) BUT your vehicle has failed. Please spend another couple of million
Euro to put it right, thank you now on your bike or you soon will be ha ha
ha ha ha ha .
They will fail the cruiser even if a headlight is not correctly positioned..
So with that in mind I think, there i go again another thought WOW. I will
leave all the nice stuff untill the cruiser passes the test I hope, just to
see how much it will cost me.
Thanks again
John c
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Auto Ireland


"The cruiser has to have a rocker gasket replaced now,
so I had better put aside 1 or 2 thousand Euro "
I had my '91 Cruiser rocker gasket replaced - bought the part for approx =A320
from the Toyota dealer (couldn't get it from Milner), and the local mechanic
did it in no time.
You shouldn't spend more than =A3100 - parts included.
Have a craic of a New Year!
91 1HD-T
96 1HD-FT
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