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Which 70 series can be imported into the UK?


Mar 14, 2016
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Hey folks, trying to do some thinking here - which 70 series CAN be imported into the UK without too many issues??



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Any 70 can be imported but registering it is another matter! In terms of getting one on the road, broadly, anything over 10 years old, any left hand drive, anything that you have personally owned abroad for at least a year(?) and are bringing in for personal use. Do your research carefully, as there are a number of people who have imported V8 diesels who failed to get them registered. An expensive garden ornament!

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And does anyone know where the “rules” are?? As in, has anyone imported a car successfully by following the rules found in XYZ place…
It's all about emissions. So the same for the 4.2 diesels. Petrol are easier.

Info is on the Gov website under importing a car to the UK, but you then need to dig into the IVA rules and MOT rules. What I said in the post above is pretty much the gist of it.
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Hi Gareth,

I imported a 70 series 4.2 litters diesel 2 years ago. I just followed the government website without problem as mentioned by snowbound
I know a couple of people with RHD imported V8 diesels.... both came in new and were registered here but that was 5 years ago probably... not sure how far the goalposts have been moved since ...
One has a ULEZ exemption too ;-) .
I know of an already registered one that is 8 years old that sold for £70K recently so that may hint at how hard it is to do now .
I imported a V8 Troopy from Aus, I checked on the government ULEZ site and it says compliant
You can import anything pretty much. I imported a 78. I went with the 1-GR petrol for several reasons: I know and like the engine, the fuel economy isn't much different to the 1VD or even the HZ. The VD is too complicated for world travel, too fussy one fuel and the 1HZ slow. I would be happy to have a 1HZ but I was buying new and as such it would have to had passed current emission regs and I didn't think there was a chance in hell of that. If you're buying a car over 10yrs old it is much easier as it only needs to pass a MoT not an IVA inspection. If you are importing a new vehicle then left hand drive is much easier to get past VOSA. (seems to just be a 'tick the box it's foreign' almost!)

I think, but may be wrong, that most imports are ULEZ exempt simply because the data on emissions does not exist for them.
The ULEZ expansion is throwing up many strange anomalies..... I wouldn't take anything for granted with the muppets at the moment .
I'm currently trying to sort what's exempt and what's not for a couple of farmers.... you would think agricultural vehicles would be exempt .
Seems some are and some not ... and it's not even down to age or type . One's with adblue are subject to charge , others with adblue are not ,
Ride on gang mowers are also being subject to charge as are quad bikes.... some vehicles come up on the checker as "we don't hold any info on this vehicle...send us a copy of the V5 "
My customers face charges for leaving their farm drive and turning into a field 100 meters away