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Wiper replacement info



So, apologies for introducing more tedium for those of you who can easily
buy replacement wiper blades without a second thought. But for those a long
way from a Toy dealer this may be of interest. (Otherwise just pass-on to
the next posting).
I am sure the boys in Iceland, Faroes or Nordic countries in similar cold
conditions to me, will be familiar with the problem of failure of plastic
swivel fittings connecting the straight wiper arms to the blades. Those
with the hooked style will not have that problem.
Toy OEM for earlier models of 80 at least were a straight arm with blade
fitted with a pressed steel swivel which is held to the wiper arm with 2
small screws. The wipers on both my troopie back doors are similar but not
The only replacements available with the same pressed steel fitting are a
very cheap style of blade of unknown origin sold as 'Japan spec wipers'.
They are sold here as an own brand by the importer of a large range of USA
made accessories, fluids, polishes etc. and so I would guess they are
originally made for that market. They have 'J.T.CO.' moulded into the blade
rubber as the only means of ID. I found that when taken out of the packet
the swivel just didn't ! So judicious use of Mr Maplin's silicone/PTFE
spray brought them into some sort of flexibility, but whilst lubing them
their cheap construction was emphasised.
Christopher suggested that I could always use the fitting and fit different
wiping edge refills, which is true but does not solve the problem of
replacing the swivelling bits on the blade support brackets. But I am not
there yet, and hopefully will not get there either. In my investigation I
dissected a spare small blade from the rear left door pantograph. This is
the OEM 'NWB Made in Japan' type. The dissection proved the quality that
Toy specify for such a mundane part. First, the pressed steel swivel has a
different angle (2 in fact) of approach for the wiper arm on the shorter
back door blade. (Its parallel on the cheapo replacement). Second, the
cheek of each swivel where it slides against the centre section of the
central part of the blade, has a thin slippery ptfe type of plastic between
it and the wiper blade centre section. Its not a washer but cut to the
shape of the whole of the swivel where it slides against the blade, and is
formed as a saddle going over the top of the centre section.
So I have used the new cheapos' in the sleet this morning for a half hour
drive, and OK so far except that they are a little smeary despite cleaning
with washer fluid, maybe they will settle down ! I have a spare set with
plastic fittings in the back of the car in case. But at least I am
confident that the cold will not make blade part company from wiper arm
again. And when next in UK I will get a replacement pair of good quality
- pending a Toy dealer being able to supply. All this fuss and Milner sell
them for about a fiver in UK !
Eventually the hooked style will I am sure be better as the screw holes
obviously weaken the straight arms and I have seen broken arms (across the
screw holes) in the breaker's. How long they will take for a Toy dealer to
acquire when I am home on a short stay is anyone's guess !
Tedium ends ;-)
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia