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    Heavy rain killed all electrics

    Its still the original windscreen but now that you mentioned it i will check it out sometime hopefully thats the problem and i will sort it out. I had a look around the screen didnt see no rust or anything but maybe its what you said. Thanks by the way:)
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    Heavy rain killed all electrics

    Mine done the same thing it was raining the othet day lights started flashing disconnected the battery. Yesterday was sunny connected the battery back and everything was back to normal done a investigation and realised the car is leaking right on the relays under the steering wheel top right...
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    Went to a nice place this sunday and look what i found:) spoke with the owner its a 1991 hdj81 4.2 diesel manual same like mine only difference is the colour:)
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    Mauntains,sea,beach,sand,rocks,hills, sun,mud,dirt what else can a landcruiser want:)))
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    Bring it back

    I was watching the news saying it will never ever fly again. Couple of months later i saw it pass over my house in south east london i told my mate i saw the concorde again they didnt believe me same day on the news they were saying its back. But didnt last long couple of weeks and it retired...
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    Dodgy oil? This could be expensive.....

    this is how mine is even tho it has fresh oil in it.
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    Top speed

    I remember i done 160kmh on my 80 series but that was years and years ago maybe 2003 or 2004 im not sure if it could still do it. Now that i got bigger wheels and lifted suspension just a bit i will not exceed 100kmh. And yes every single time i go for a long drive i allways say to myself i wish...
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    Oil advice and recommendations from oilman

    I been going to the same garage for donkey years now im sure nipon is good i heard about them aswell but i prefer to go to the usuall garage atleast i could go have a coffee bash the boys up there abit have a laugh and then get lost:))
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    Oil advice and recommendations from oilman

    I allways used 5 40 mobil for engine oil but i want to change my gearbox oil aswell what do you guys use? Mine is a 1992 hdj81 4.2 turbo diesel
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    Top speed

    If thats mph your the fastest man on this forum
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    Hello to all, new member

    Welcome to the family andre
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    Should i buy this car

    255k is still like new. Mines got 474k and no issues at all go for it.
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    Hello all im new to the family

    They dont have cracks but they are much harder from when i got them 5 years of cyprus hot weather is not easy lol
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    Hello all im new to the family

    If im not wrong its a 2inch lift plus bigger wheels but i will pop down and ask again now that its in my mind. I think my wheels are getting old and hard could that be a reason for it to slide?
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    Hello all im new to the family

    A friend of mine is into off roading he goes racing and has a garage. I wanted to beef up the tlc because it was fully standard he said if we lift it up just a little bit and put different wheels and tires that would just be enough for me as i dont go ragging the hell out of it (i dont like it...
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