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    1hz oil

    15-40 is fine or the English climate. I use 20-50 in Australia. There is a temperature range graph showing the appropriate oil in the FSM. Its fairly flexible , you could use 15-40 almost anywhere.
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    HZJ75 Troop Carrier - More power? - wheel change?

    You can get about 6-7 hp from extractors and a freer flowing exhaust and you need to turn the fuel up a LITTLE bit.
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    1986 troopy

    Check steering damper.
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    Series 70 manual steering box

    The part is officially referred to as a "HOUSING ASSY, STEERING GEAR" The one you want appears to NON power steering. Although the power steering maybe just a power head that bolts onto the same assembly Its used on 60 and 70 series (including the heavy duty leaf spring models). Have you tried...
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    Factory diff upgrade

    I would try Marks Adapter gears in the t/case. You will get lower lows and higher highs.
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    Plug and play bypass shock absorbers.

    The stock suspension is considered crap. Both the shocks and the coil springs will be at fault. Almost any aftermarket shock will improve things but good shocks working against poor springs is only a patch up solution at best and bad roads will only bring the inevitable closer. The mining...
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    Brake load vavle issues

    You can replace the LSPV with an adjustable aftermarket type but there maybe some legalities involved. But removing it altogether is a no no. You don't mention if it has discs all round or disc front ,drum rear or even what model it is so its a bid hard to pin point the problem. In any case...
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    PZJ70V - stumpy transfer lever markings - anyone know what they should be?

    2H l 4H--4L There is a neutral in between but I forget where. Probably between 2H 4H .They can be hard to shift if they haven't been used for a while. You may need to soak the shifter from underneath in WD40 or similar.
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    hj75 pick up

    Don't look right without the plastic caps on the windscreen frame hinges:eusa-naughty:
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    Cleaning Injectors (how often) in a V8 76 series

    It is usually 100000klms . But they don't clean injectors these days. They remove/replace the nozzles, test them and reinstall. I'm pretty sure your type has to be programmed or calibrated somehow via a computer. I You don't have to get it done at Toyota anymore, any large diesel fuel injection...
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    KZJ78 Engine cuts out

    It is most likely air getting into the fuel lines or something blocking the fuel. I think the best way is to isolate the problem by rigging a temporary fuel supply in the engine bay. Get a small plastic container near the fuel pump at about the same height with a rag shoved in it to stop fuel...
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    3F improving fuel consumption tips and tricks?

    Toyota fitted fuel injection to US models in the FJ62 and FJ80 and they still talk about dismal fuel consumption. Try IH8MUD in the 60 and 80 forum for 1st hand opinions. The cost benefits of doing these conversions is virtually nothing. In the middle east ,Toyota offer the 4 Litre V6 in the 7*...
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    3F improving fuel consumption tips and tricks?

    The fuel efficiency gained from a snorkel is in the .01% zone. I had a 3F in my FJ73 a few years back and when it got tired, I pulled it out and fitted a 1HZ diesel. I overspent partly becuase 1HZ were not easily attainable in used condition and partly because I had the money. Now 1HZ can be...
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    Advice Needed!

    Exploroz forum is the best place to ask for advice on these things. Its a dedicated forum for 4wd travellers in the more remote parts of Oz. It has info on camping/accomodation ,fuel availabilty, track conditions , fuel usage for many types of vehicles , outback communication eg VHF/satelite...
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    BJ73 Beep......Beep..............Beep

    More info needed. Is it a japanese import? Does it beep with ignition off/on? Can you tell approximately where the noise comes from? Is it a 13BT engine?
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