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105 series

  1. Idle Yorkshireman

    Should I change my wheels?

    Hi folks - I have Bridgestone AT tyres on the wheels below of my armoured 105, I had a slow puncture which we have repaired but it made me wonder about whether winter tyres would be necessary. Obviously the vehicle weighs 4.5 ton and we live on top of a hill in the Pennines where it does snow a...
  2. M

    105 1hz tacho and oil pressure gauge not working.

    Hey everyone new member just wanted to see if anyone has had any drama with the 1hz tacho and oil pressure gauge not working and how to fix? All other gauges work correctly.
  3. M

    New member

    G'day. Just joined. I have a 105 series 1hz with turbo and a 105 petrol. Both gxl wagons so I can get the family around. The petrol one is pretty stock for day to day use. The turbo is a beast. Few mods to make it good for 4x4 and getting to those off the main track places. Got a couple of...
  4. Idle Yorkshireman

    Sub tank

    Hi guys I have a 2003 ex-military armoured 105 4.5 petrol with a sub tank and 24,000 miles on the clock. I'm not very mechanically minded so please be does not seem to start up from the Sub tank but switches over from main to sub and works ok? I'm sure when I first purchased it...
  5. L

    Smoke from transfer case when in 4wd

    I was drivin on a relatively easy going beach last week before i started to drive into some softer patches of sand. I locked the hubs and put it into 4wd and reversed out of the bog no dramas until i hit another soft bit of sand where i was in first gear and sitting around 3000rpm. White...
  6. G

    1Fz-fe 105 loss of power

    Hey guys! wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction of what to look at. Was driving my 105 today, took a tight turn and went to accelerate and suddenly completely lost power, once I pulled up it was shuddering at idle and was almost stalling. turned it onto gas as i thought it...
  7. S

    2001 105 GXL Cruise Control

    Hi Everyone, First time poster, long time reader here. I've purchased a 2001 105 GXL Manual recently, and I cant get the cruise control to work. I believe there's no power going to the system as when I turn it turn, no light comes on the dash. I've tried looking for a fuse but no luck, I cant...
  8. Mr_Red

    A deranged obsession

    I have always wanted to get out and see the world, but my interest in overlanding using my own vehicle was really sparked by joining my brother for the last leg of his road-trip from Wales to Kyrgyzstan back in summer 2017. Granted I only joined for 2 weeks, I have never felt so free as we...
  9. Robzimbo

    Cruiser owner in Africa (Zimbabwe and Kenya)...

    Hi all, My name is Rob. I live mostly in Zimbabwe, but also spend a lot of time in Kenya. I'm on my fourth LC - my first was a 1996 VX80 which I sold in 2008 with 350,000 kms on the clock; replaced with another '96 VX80 in Harare, which I drove with my family, and another family in another VX80...
  10. Kileni

    Does anyone have the 105 Series (not the 100 Series) Land Cruiser service manuals?

    The 100 Series and 105 Series have different motors (among other things), so surely they have different service manuals. Can anyone help me find the 105 Series manuals? Thanks!
  11. Kileni

    plan needed for bull bar for 105 Series

    I've got a 105 Series Landcruiser that needs a bull bar for the driving here in Tunisia, N Africa. I don't seem to find that's already made for sale. Does anyone have instructions / a plan that I might be able to take to a blacksmith/metal worker? Thank you!
  12. Kileni

    105 Series owners manual & electrical schematic available?

    I cannot seem to find the 105 Series owners manual - OR - electrical schematic online for free download anywhere. Can anyone help, please?
  13. Kileni

    where to get cruise control for 105 Series Landcruiser?

    I periodically have to make long drives with my 105 Series Landcruiser, and eventually it can wear out my lower back to push the gas pedal hour after hour. And on top of that, I think I just got my picture taken for a speeding ticket the other day. Does anyone know where I can get a good...
  14. Kileni

    basic info and recommendations for 105 Series Landcruiser tires

    Using the VIN, I've discovered an amazing amount of information about my 105 Series Landcruiser. What I don't yet know is what the original tire size was for the vehicle. It's my understanding that the rims/wheels are *not* the same as the 100 Series. Does anyone know the original size? And...
  15. Kileni

    do aftermarket seat covers for 105 Series exist?

    I've searched and searched online, and don't seem to find any seat covers for the 105 Series Landcruisers (which seem to be different the 100 Series seats). Can anyone help me by sharing some options/links?
  16. Matt Wright

    2002 105 GX 4500 EFI - in South Africa, posting for a friend

    Hi guys I am posting an ad on behalf of a friend in SA who is selling a 105 Petrol. I know they're like hen's teeth in the UK and they're a bit like unicorns having the 80 series chassis and solid axles but the 100 series body. I've shipped 2 vehicles over recently and the cost isn't bad. £2050...