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200 series

  1. Z

    Help to fix center cup holder/storage box

    Hi all, I am having an issue with the center cup holder lid. Usually, you press it down and it pops open. However, when I did this the lid seemed to slid off the metal bracket that moves it up and down. I found two small screws that hold the top piece together, but I cannot figure out how to...
  2. LC.KSA

    Diesel Fuel Filter

    Good Day Club Members, I watched a couple of videos on YouTube recently on how to change the diesel fuel filter on the 200 series in an attempt to do it my self. So I went and bought the correct fuel filter by part number to install it. However, One of the points they mentioned in the videos...
  3. I

    200 series (VX) wiring in driving lights

    G'day All, Looking for thoughts on installing Bushranger spot lights. They come with a wiring harness and controller, only need a high beam signal wire, otherwise they are pretty straight forward. Thinking of using a fuse tap on the LH High beam fuse as the signal wire...
  4. M

    200 series 2017 model fuel range indicator

    I have a 2017 200 series Sahara. In 12 months I have clocked up 30,000klm mainly highway driving. I have an issue with the range function not being accurate. The system shows my average being 12.8 l/100 klm Having filled the car to full, and drive off, the range shown is ONLY 737 klm. With a...
  5. RGraham

    LC 200 Sahara 2017

    The GPS and Bluetooth are unavailable if you go over 10kp/h. Is there anyway to override this system or shut it down so passengers can use it while the car is in motion?