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  1. Stretched 75

    75 series build.

    My 92 75 series is getting a heart transplant 1hz with 690.000 kms is coming out and an 03 1hd fte out of a 100 series is going in..
  2. Stretched 75

    Newbie in process of doing conversion

    Hi all stretched 75 here. From Australia. I've had the big girl about 5 years now, the 1hz has done 690.000 kms she's out now and have just bolted up a 1hd fte wirring loom yet to be done.. she's an x loggers 4x4. Hence the extra length in middle of chassis to carry a fuel tank 24/7. If some...
  3. S

    5.4 Falcon Boss engine & transmission conversion

    Hi to all, this question is more to my Aussie counterparts but any input would be much appreciated. I have a 1970 Fj45 and a BA XR8 falcon. My plan is to transplant both the XR8's 4 speed transmission and engine into the FJ. Fabrication and fitment of this is not a problem, although an...
  4. B

    Engine Advice Please

    I am painfully new here and need some advice. I have a '78 FJ40 that I used to drive in college 20 years ago. Now I am trying to rebuild it for my son to drive. It had been sitting in a garage for the last 10 years when I took it to a mechanic to get started. The number 3 cylinder is seized...