75 series build.

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Stretched 75

New Member
I am in australia
Mar 11, 2019
Engines now down and all bolted up. Had to swap flywheel through to bell housing from 1hz as still running my box for now will upgrade that later just want to get the conversion done first. Had to take mounts off 1hz also for it to bolt up correct..

Now for the wiring. Wish me luck lol .

IMG_2951.JPG IMG_2952.JPG IMG_2956.JPG
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New Member
I am in australia
Feb 29, 2020
NSW Australia
Ambitious indeed

Make sure you take it easy on the loud pedal, your box might not like it too much, I assume that's what killed mine, and I only put a 1hdt in it. Also watch the axle studs and rear diff.

The difference will be massive and it's hard to not put the foot down and listen to the turbo singing along.

It can work, just take it easy

Just saying, have fun with it
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